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Diamant urn WHITE high gloss black ribbon

Product number:   20920
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Diamant urn developed by Jacob Jensen Design and Tommerup Kister. The urn matches the Diamant coffin. Exclusive version with high gloss and black cotton ribbon. The urn has facets like a diamond.
Material: Scandinavian birch
Colour: White
Ribbon: Black in organic cotton
Height 30 x width 18 cm.
Paintwork: High gloss
Lock: 4 screws in the bottom.
Biodegradibility: 20 years
Decoration: Symbols in alucoat - see 1231 Cross, 1232 Butterfly and 1233 Diamond
Registrered and patented design. Produced in Danmark. 
The Diamant urn is available in silk matt white and black and high gloss white, black and red.
Recommended retail price Euro 470.

The Diamant is a timeless and universal range of coffins and urns developed together with the established coffin manufacturer Tommerup Kister and supplied by JC Atkinson. The Diamant range is a funeral collection of classic purity that breaks with the usual understanding of a coffin while, nevertheless, being instantly familiar and recognisable as a coffin.

In a field where respect and reverence are paramount, and through which tradition permeates, the design process involved has been thorough and meticulous. Jacob Jensen Design has found inspiration for their design in the shape of a diamond. The diamond is a simple and stately shape and symbolizes the perpetual, the pure and the exalted. It expresses a mood of respect and quiet beauty: a perfect combination of form and feeling.

Through the coffin’s clear lines and the contrasts between light and dark, the pure and classic form-language of Jacob Jensen Design is revealed. Light plays on the facets of the diamond, and, despite its sharp angles, the coffin attains a harmonious sculptural expression. The highest point of the coffin follows the line of the heart, and the surface is perfect for a simple, single flower to be placed above the heart. Available in black, white or red, the elegant form expresses a sense of respect and restfulness, without the need for extra adornment.

The coffin interior is upholstered with a modest, butterfly-patterned cotton, inspired by the wild, natural surroundings of the Jacob Jensen Design studio in Hejlskov, Denmark. This simple motif symbolizes the soul leaving the body, and combined with the diamond shape creates a vision of nature as both transient and eternal. The Diamant Urn follows the same clean lines, timeless design and respectful ethos.

In 1910, Anton Scharfe built his first coffin in his workshop in Tommerup on the scenic Danish island of Funen – the island where Hans Christian Andersen was born. It was here he founded his funeral directing company. Over a century, and four generations later, the Scharfe family still manufacture coffins.Today Tommerup Kister is one of Denmark’s leading coffin manufacturers, working with the same honesty and respect for the profession as when it started 100 years ago. Through the years the company has strengthened its environmental awareness. Sustainability is now one of the guiding principles, covering all aspects from the working environment through to the end product. Tommerup coffins and urns.
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