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International Trade Fairs

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As an extra service to our customers here is a list of coming international Trade Fairs for the funeral sector. This should help you plan your travels. Let us know if you want to meet up. We love talking to colleagues and customers.

Nashville, USA 13-15 October

Moscow, 28-30 October 

Lyon, 20-22 November 

Poznan, Poland 28-30 November  

Pax Giessen 18-19. April
Leben und Tod  Bremen 8-9 May
Funermostra Valencia 27-29 May
Pieta Dresden 29-31 May

Devota Ried im Innkreis 25-27 September

Salon Funéraire Paris  12-14 November 

TANEXPO Bologna 1-3 April

Tommerup Kister is one of Denmark’s leading coffin manufacturers, working with the same honesty and respect for the profession as when it started 100 years ago. Through the years the company has strengthened its environmental awareness. Sustainability is now one of the guiding principles, covering all aspects from the working environment through to the end product.
Tommerup coffins and urns. 

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