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Massage cream

Product number:   CEABIS100
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Massage cream. Massage cream has an extremely important function in the treatment of the deceased. The cream contains oils and glycerine which soften and moisturize the skin and drain the blood. With this cream the skin is given a natural, living appearance which enhances the look of the deceased and makes the transition easier to for the family. All the creams and the products ESTETICA LINE are products for professional use which require expertise and experience for their optimal use. They have been developed to be used on corpses and they cannot be compared to any cosmetic products normally used for personal make-up. The composition of these items has been developed with the greatest experts in corpse preparation and tanatoaestethics in Italy. ESTETICA LINE. Content 40 g. 

CEABIS is a leading specialist in products for the funeral branch. Approved by Norsk Veritas Quality Management. Founded in the 1970s.

Tommerup Kister is the exclusive distributor of CEABIS products in Scandinavia. 
In 1910, Anton Scharfe built his first coffin in his workshop in Tommerup on the scenic Danish island of Funen – the island where Hans Christian Andersen was born. It was here he founded his funeral directing company. Over a century, and four generations later, the Scharfe family still manufacture coffins.Today Tommerup Kister is one of Denmark’s leading coffin manufacturers, working with the same honesty and respect for the profession as when it started 100 years ago. Through the years the company has strengthened its environmental awareness. Sustainability is now one of the guiding principles, covering all aspects from the working environment through to the end product. Tommerup coffins and urns.
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