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Production - Tommerup Kister

Product number:   900008
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Tommerup Kister is a modern factory with ergonomic machines. We take good care of our factory workers. At the factory we assemble coffins, sand, grind, paint/varnish (by robot) and upholster. See the images.  

Grinding: We fill and sand prior to painting/varnishing. All our wood products are coated with paper to reduce the amount of paint required.
Painting/varnishing: Our paint robot is used to paint all our coffins. The conveyer belt means that the robot is constantly in use.  
Upholstery: The coffins are fitted with handles, upholstered and fitted with duvets and pillows.

Transport: Tommerup Kister has 2 lorries to deliver coffins and urns. Coffins from Tommerup Kister are delivered upright on a pallet so it is easy to move them - even on one's own. We were the first coffin factory in Denmark to deliver coffins in this handy way.

Our coffins are delivered by our smiling driver who also takes used packaging back with him to be reused here e.g. pallets, cardboard. We try to save on diesel and optimize our driving to a minimum to protect the environment.