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Company profile Tommerup Kister/ Tommerup Coffins

In 1910, Anton Scharfe built his first coffin in his workshop in Tommerup on the scenic Danish island of Funen – the island where Hans Christian Andersen was born. It was here he founded his undertaking business. Over a century, and four generations later, the Scharfe family still manufactures coffins and continues to abide by the principles established by Anton Scharfe. Today Tommerup Kister is one of Denmark’s leading coffin manufacturers, working with the same honesty and respect for the profession as when it started 100 years ago. Through the years the company has strengthened its environmental awareness. Sustainability is now one of Tommerup Kister's guiding principles, covering all aspects from the working environment through to the end product.
Kister is the Danish word for coffin.

Tommerup Kister
Krengerupvej 84
DK-5620 Glamsbjerg
Company Registration No. 52 84 67 14

Tel. + 45 63720005 *