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We plant a tree for every coffin we sell

We plant a tree for every coffin we sell

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We plant a tree for every coffin we sell.

Tread lightly on this earth, even when leaving it.

Throughout the world, a green, environmentally-friendly funeral is an increasingly popular choice. Tommerup Kister is a world-leader in backing this trend. It is an important part of our company strategy to take an active part in protecting the environment. Our company motto is: What we borrow from nature, we return to nature.

We plant a tree for every coffin we sell.

Now we have taken our environmental awareness one step further. For every coffin purchased from us, we will plant a deciduous tree in Elmelunden People's Forest on the Danish island of Funen. This forest contributes to providing pure drinking water for Odense, the third largest town in Denmark. The project is a collaboration between Tommerup Kister and Growing Trees Network, a green organization which actually plants the trees, provides care for three years (if a tree dies within this period it is, of course, replaced), and prepares parking spaces and paths, making a visit to the forest easily accessible for everyone. As we support a natural approach, the trees we plant are not marked. This gives the visitor an opportunity to claim whichever tree they like best as a tribute to their loved one.

Each acre of woodland harnesses harmful Co2 and protects our drinking water for years to come. The new woods are secured for the future with a protection grant. Tommerup Kister will be planting thousands of trees each year. Furthermore, this initiative to plant a tree reaches out to future generations and is a beautiful way of saying “life goes on”.

Tips for a green funeral - Use wild flowers to decorate the coffin.

We recommend our Nature urns, tube urns and our untreated wooden coffin with natural rope straps.  

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Tommerup Kister is one of Denmark’s leading coffin manufacturers, working with the same honesty and respect for the profession as when it was founded over one hundred years ago. Throughout the years, the company has increased its environmental awareness. Sustainability is now one of our guiding principles, covering all aspects from the working environment through to the end product
Tommerup coffins and urns.